This is a small song. I think it's going to be bi-monthly. Maybe weekly. I'll iron that out.

Why the Primrose Path? The primrose, since at least the 15th century, has stood for a youthful folly. It's been used to denote a dalliance that leads to destruction.

Bah, destruction! An artist must dally. And dilly. Daily, even. The world has no room for daily dilly-dally. I made room for it.

What this isn't:
News + hot takes
Selling anything
Promising it has all the answers
Interested in success
Anything a marketing team would ever sign off on
A blog

What this is:
A celebration of the weird
" " the neglected
Excited about the kinds of things that make you light you up like when you were a kid

Book/podcast/song recommendations
Quotes + poems (not mine)

Just trying to be itself
A space for you to dream
That one friend

If you're ready for those things, come on down! Our motto here:

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